Accelerated Solutions

The Accelerated Solutions service is a revolutionary new approach to enterprise software development that creates high quality applications in a short time-frame and at a lower fixed cost. Our service completely overturns the traditional mindset that software development must be costly and time-consuming, or compromise on quality.

Accelerated Solutions can help enterprises sharpen their competitive edge in a vast range of situations - driving exceptional results in any vertical or business area. We enable CIOs to overcome internal restraints, like limited budgets, teams or timescales, and empower their organisations with the right software, right now.

Custom development

Powerful enterprise applications have become the life-blood of good business, enabling greater productivity, collaboration and cost-effectiveness. But while new applications offer a myriad of business benefits, the complexity involved in creating new solutions can be overwhelming - undermining the very goals you set out to achieve and bogging you down under the weight of slow development cycles.

Why waste years realising your vision for enterprise IT when it can be achieved in months, or even weeks? Accelerated Solutions can deliver powerful software to revolutionise the way your business operates quickly and cost-effectively.

Solution reengineering

Is your existing enterprise software struggling to keep pace with today's business demands? Do you wish you could empower your business with applications that truly support its global scope? Do you long to harness the business benefits of real-time analytics or application access from any device?

Adapting existing enterprise software to better support today's business needs doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. The Accelerated Solutions service can rapidly assess your existing systems and reengineer your software, often resulting in reductions to operational expenditure that outweigh the cost of development. We can also provide on-going maintenance and further enhancements as needed.

Product creation

Arriving first to market with a new product or service is essential for success. Accelerated Solutions can empower your business to complete product engineering in record time and reach the market up to five times faster than your closest competitors.

We enable you to create outstanding products while keeping your total cost of ownership low. From joint product conceptualisation, to on-going enhancements and rapid tailoring for individual customers, Accelerated Solutions can take your products to the top of the market.