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About our company

Fast Software Development Innovations Infinite was founded to redefine what software development can achieve with a unique, automated approach that delivers outstanding results, more quickly and at a lower cost.


Applications have become the life-blood of modern business. Enterprise software is no longer regarded as a necessary expense - it is expected to generate tangible business benefits, deliver new capabilities and impact the bottom-line.

Yet the next generation of business applications must cope with huge demands: growing IT complexity, ubiquitous device compatibility, global scope and real-time analytics to inform a host of business decisions. Meanwhile, CIOs must respond to changing business needs instantly, despite shrinking budgets, teams and timescales. In the face of these challenges, traditional software development has grown increasingly costly, time-consuming and unable to deliver on expectations.

Innovations Infinite set out to empower forward-looking businesses with a new solution to these problems. After years of pioneering research into computer-aided software engineering and code generation, Accelerated Solutions was born.


Accelerated Solutions is a revolutionary approach to software creation that delivers affordable, high-quality software within a short development cycle. All this is made possible by our cutting-edge code generation tools for Java-based web application development. Once we outline the specifications of a project, the coding process is highly automated - slashing project timescales by almost 80 percent and keeping costs to a minimum.

Our solutions

The revolutionary capabilities of Accelerated Solutions have already been used to create two standalone Software-as-a-Service platforms offered by Innovations Infinite:

Sales Infinite

Sales Infinite reduces cost and complexity by delivering one, unified platform that provides outstanding visibility and control over all business operations, far beyond just CRM. Sales Infinite lets enterprises stop worrying about IT and refocus on what business is all about: clients, services and sales.

Underwriting Workbench

Underwriting Workbench brings powerful, intuitive IT to the world of Commercial Property and Casualty (Re)Insurance. The fully integrated platform streamlines the mass of IT systems used to underwrite a policy into a single software suite.

Management Team

Anish Kumar
Anish Kumar
Founder and Managing Director

Anish Kumar is the founder and managing director of Innovations Infinite. During a decade in the IT industry, Anish has worked as an analyst and project manager for some the world's biggest insurance, business change and information technology companies, including Brit Insurance, Quadriga Worldwide and Infosys Technologies.

Anish holds a B.Eng in Computer Engineering from Pune University, India, and created the proprietary technology that powers the Accelerated Solutions service.