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The potential of the Accelerated Solutions service is best seen in action. Empowered by a rapid, low cost and high quality software development service, Innovations Infinite has already created two standalone products: Underwriting Workbench for the (re)insurance industry and Sales Infinite for CRM and business management.

Both of these applications dramatically enhance productivity by bringing cohesion and clarity to business processes and driving greater collaboration, visibility and automation across organisations.

Accelerated Solutions allowed us to create products that combine industry-leading features, low price subscriptions and rapid customisation. If this is what Accelerated Solutions can do for us, imagine what it can do for you.

Sales Infinite

Sales Infinite

Sales Infinite reduces cost and complexity by delivering one, unified platform that provides outstanding visibility and control over your entire business operation, far beyond just CRM. Our platform matches or exceeds even the multi-million dollar solutions used by the biggest enterprises - at a fraction of the cost.

Sales Infinite lets you to stop worrying about IT and refocus on what your business is all about: clients, services and sales. Access from any operating system, browser or device is easy over our secure, encrypted connection. Better still, by keeping all your information in one platform your business will never drop a lead or lose valuable information in the cracks between departments.

Finally, a simple cloud-based delivery model and ultra-fast implementation mean you will be up and running in no time. Where some solutions make you wait months or years, you can enjoy all the benefits of our platform in just a few weeks.

Underwriting Workbench

Underwriting Workbench

Underwriting Workbench brings intuitive front office collaboration tools to Commercial Property and Casualty (Re)Insurance firms.

In their daily work, underwriters often face a tangle of disparate IT systems that become an on-going distraction from the task at hand. Precious time drains away into mundane tasks, such as re-entering policy details across different systems, or searching for information in convoluted databases. All of these inefficiencies combine to harm productivity, which can be especially painful during busy periods.

Underwriting Workbench solves these challenges with a fully integrated platform that streamlines a mass of IT systems into a single software suite. This utterly eliminates the tangle of individual systems, disconnected processes and workflow inefficiencies insurers are usually expected to cope with when underwriting a single policy.

Underwriting Workbench also delivers unbeatable collaboration, both inside and outside organisations. The single software suite captures every piece of essential information - from documents to emails - and ensures they remain at an underwriter's fingertips. Meanwhile, context-aware access ensures that only the right people see sensitive information.